Fault Diagnostic

With today’s advanced vehicle technology, cars are like “computers on wheels” so it is imperative that workshops have the latest diagnostic equipment and the best technical expertise available if they are to provide their customers with a professional service. Motor Masters has invested in the most up to date Bosch Diagnostic equipment and training to ensure our technicians are able to deal with repairing faults in:

• Engine Management.
• Fuel Injections Systems.
• Anti-Lock Braking Systems.
• Electronic Diesel Control Systems.
• Safety Related Systems.
• Comfort Systems.
• Infotainment Systems.
• Software Updates.


Our technicians take part in the Bosch Training Courses where they are trained on the latest technologies, using the most up-to-date diagnostic equipment to ensure their skills are maintained and updated on a regular basis. When your car operates at peak performance levels you save fuel and reduce the exhaust pollution – helping both your pocket and the environment in one go.